Match reaction (of sorts): Newcastle Falcons 30-23 Stade Francais


“So what have they won?” asked my new friend Steve in his thick Teesside accent as the barman approached us.


“A game!” I replied. “But when you’re at the bottom of the league you celebrate everything you can! Now do you want Peroni or San Miguel?”



Friday 5 December 2014 – 8.00pm

Kingston Park, Newcastle

European Challenge Cup Pool 3 #3


Over the years I might have mentioned (“Just once or twice!”) that I really wanted the Falcons to have another go at Stade Francais so we could hopefully give them a walloping, like they did to us in 2005. Bit of a character flaw really, but I’m working on it.


The combination of Mrs L’s work Christmas party and using my only half-day holiday in the new job to go to the recent Gloucester game meant that I missed what the Germans would call Die Revanche.


A poor wifi signal led to me not seeing any scores during dinner at a posh hotel in Universitytown Lancaster, but after Christmas pudding the boyfriend of one of wor lass’s colleagues managed to get Twitter working.


16-14 it was (I think), ten minutes into the second half. Then 22-23, oh no it’s actually 25-23!! “Cato gets the bonus point try!” but it wasn’t converted :-S. Three minutes to go…


I nipped to the bathroom and when I got back, Pete the farmer solemnly said the game had finished 30-31. Dang! When he showed me his phone however, I saw 30-23 and cheered, whacking my head off the wall behind!


Right lads, drinks? Fortunately the ladies were on wine by the (shared) bottle, so the round was only four pints, lucky in a posh place.


As I quoted above, one of the lads on our table asked what the Falcons had won as we waited at the bar. We won a game – it doesn’t happen very often so it’s worth celebrating!!


This is one of the (many) reasons I love following the Falcons – even when you don’t see or even listen to the game, a little story can still develop around it.


The wifi was still not great this morning so I haven’t seen any match reports yet, and I’m just posting this up quickly before heading to Kirkby Lonsdale v Carlisle this afternoon. So I don’t really know much about what happened at KP last night bar the result.


Texts said it was a good game though, and it looked tense and topsy-turvy on Twitter. What a great result too, Stade may be something of a fallen giant but they are still a massive club, third in their league, and they had a very good side out.


I wish I’d been there, though ironically I’d probably feel rougher than I do now after the party last night.


Good times. Well done the Mighty Falcons!!



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