Match reaction: Newcastle Falcons 17-15 Bedford Blues

Friday 8 March 2013 – 8.00pm
Kingston Park, Newcastle
RFU Championship #18

So ahead of today’s visit to a tipi camp on the Welsh border for a mate’s 30th, I took the opportunity to watch a commie am-dram in a little theatre in Kensington last night. Interesting stuff.

Afterwards, wor lass and I got a taxi to Clapham and as we sat down in Pizza Express, she asked “Isn’t the rugby tonight?”

Lightbulb moment. I whipped me phone out and saw on Twitter that Bedford were 10-15 up at 70 minutes, and that was 16 minutes.earlier. Totes shockballs!

After a few moments I clicked through to the Falcons page and the top post said: “Noah Cato try!”

I’m sure half the people on the tables around us will today be telling people about some bloke who suddenly yelped “Try!” in the middle of Pizza Express before feeling decidedly sheepish, but it was exciting!

I managed to contain myself when the full-time score of 17-15 was posted, fortunately.

It looks like I wasn’t the only jubilant one, various texts and internet posts tell of an explosion at KP as we won with the last play of the game. Probably not a to miss.

But hopefully I’ll not be missing any more league games this season.

Some are saying that the Falcons got out of jail free last night and used our only joker of the season. I disagree.

Firstly, a team doesn’t win in the last minute by luck or for “free”, they do it because they keep fighting until the very end and never give up. It’s an admirable quality that not every team has.

Secondly, reports of Bedford being deflated at full-time are encouraging for us. Yes, last night’s memory may fire them up if we meet again in the play-offs, but think about it another way.

Lets say it’s 75 minutes in the second leg, and Bedford are less than seven abead on aggregate. The Falcons think “We’ve been here before but we got through it. We’re [hopefully] unbeaten, we just have to keep playing and the chance will come.” Bedford may think “We’ve been here before and they still beat us, [hopefully] nobody has beaten them.”

The Falcons should still be confidence, while Bedford may have doubts. Psychology is what separates the top performers in any field or group, and it’s a powerful thing.

I really believe that if we can remain unbeaten and then play Bedford in the play-off final then last night will give us an advantage.

As for what this game tells us about next season, well we need to get to the Premiership first and there will be changes made to improve

From what I’ve read and heard about last night, I for one am a happy Geordie this morning.

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2 responses to “Match reaction: Newcastle Falcons 17-15 Bedford Blues

  1. Steve,

    I don’t know how you do it mate! 8:10 on the morning after the game and you’ve already posted the match report, even though you weren’t at the game. Sounds like it was a bit too close for comfort, but I agree a win’s a win and keeps the pressure on other teams.

    I still think the play-off system is wrong. There should be automatic promotion for first place and a play-off for the remaining 4 teams. Yet another money spinner I suppose.

    Keep the pencil sharp as we reach the crescendo of the season.


    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks, had to have something to keep me busy on an early train to Hereford!

      It’s four points and if we win the playoff final by two points in the last minute nobody will care.

      Agree that the team that finishes top should go up, but we have no excuse if we don’t win the playoffs with our record and squad.

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