Match reaction: Newcastle Falcons 33-0 Rotherham Titans


Friday 26 October 2012 – 8.00pm

Kingston Park, Newcastle

RFU Championship #7

On the way to KP tonight, wor lass told me that this week she had a dream that the Falcons won the league this season but ended up getting relegated!

I suddenly got a huge fear that maybe we forgot to register any players at the start of the season.

But that being doubtful, it now looks like Bedford away a week today is all that stands between us and top spot in the Championship. On paper at least.

Things are rarely that simple in sport. For example, the 33-0 scoreline in our home win over Rotherham last night tells only half the story of the game.

I’m all for showing respect to the opposition, and if we don’t we will fall on our face sooner rather than later, but lets face it Rotherham are not Leicester or Munster.

There is no need to kick and not chase in this (or, in my opinion, any) league, and the sooner the players and management realise that, the sooner we will get crowds back to where we want them.

This, and the missing of some obvious overlap opportunities for our wingers tonight, led to more than one choir member reminiscing of the bad old days of the Master.

At least Zach Kibirige never played in those days, otherwise he’d have sought the nearest defender on his big run tonight. As it was, he scored a good try and is looking a very promising player.

Other than that we can obviously be pleased at a 33-0 win after an iffy show, with little real danger of conceding bar Rotherham’s good spell of possession. Even then our defence was committed and resolute.

The real ale seems to have gone down well, I myself enjoyed a nice half-time pint of Paradise Ale thanks to Monkey’s generosity. Keep that on next time please. Newcastle Exhibition or McEwan’s Best Scotch would go down well too.

It’s a weird day today, all that snow on the ground. It’s reminding me of that game against Exeter up in Gala a few years ago. Another nice rugby club awaits us in Bedford on Saturday.

Blueswatch shows that the Bedfordshire side visit Bristol tomorrow and willing be looking to close the gap again before the #epic Goldington Road clash next weekend.

You’d think the Falcons will have to improve from last night to avoid an uncomfortable afternoon down south.

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