Match reaction: Moseley 13-53 Newcastle Falcons


Saturday 6 October 2012 – 3.00pm
Billesley Common, Birmingham
RFU Championship #6

“I miss the tension of the Premiership,” was my slight moan at half-time.

“It’s like a holiday,” wor lass piped up.

“Aye,” I sighed.

For the last few years watching our Falcons has felt like work at times. More than once I’ve been asked “Are you enjoying it this season?” and more often than not my answer has been “No”.

The other conversation I had today relevant to this point came in the queue for the bar pre-match. “Would you rather be in Reading or Watford today?” Hell no.

Today perhaps reminded us of something that supporters used to the Premiership, such as ourselves, might have forgotten.

We go to rugby first and foremost because we enjoy it.

So maybe I didn’t pay as much attention to the second half as I might have as I chatted with Dancer, then asked F1Lady how her holiday was, while wor lass and a fellow Cumbrian made friends on the grass bank.

Maybe it’s easy to say when we’ve won by 40 points that I enjoyed the day out as much as the game. We were, realistically, never going to lose today, and Burky willing we are well on our way to the top four.

But I think there is something in remembering that rugby isn’t always about the result. It isn’t always about standing in the South Stand with your heart racing and your heart pounding. It isn’t always about going home after another defeat wondering “What on Earth can I write about that that hasn’t been said before?”

Sometimes it’s about meeting your mates in a new city, paying a few quid to get in, drinking a cold beer in a nice bar with friends and then watching a game.

It’s about chewing the fat in the same bar as the opposition fans afterwards. Being able to shake hands with Jon Golding and Jordi Pasqualin without them making you feel like they are above you because you are just a fan.

Like I say, when you’ve watched your team win by 40 points it’s easy to be philosophical. Maybe if I was a Bristol fan, who had seen three seasons in the Championship and after recent results might be wondering if the fourth would be followed by a fifth, I may think differently.

But we are where and who we are, and that’s all I can talk about.

Forgive me the lack of actual match analysis here but as I sit on a train approaching London, something I have done after countless defeats over the past seven years, I needed to get these thoughts off my chest.

A report will be on the unoffy tomorrow.

I thought Wor Joel had a very good game though.

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