Match reaction: London Wasps 10-14 Newcastle Falcons

Saturday 5 May 2012 – 2.00pm

Adams Park, High Wycombe

Aviva Premiership #22

The Falcons beat Wasps 10-14 yesterday, and we are now confirmed as finishing bottom of the Premiership.

Despite all the positivity in the build-up to the game, deep down most of us probably knew that the Falcons weren’t going to pull it off.

We just hoped that the team would make us proud.

And how they did. Strange as it may sound, yesterday was a great day to be a Falcons fan.

Back in January, when we lost with a whimper to Exeter at KP, who’d have thought we would take it to the last half hour of the season.

Wasps being 10-0 at half-time meant little really, as four tries would still have done the job. We just had half the time to get them.

I imagine Gary Gold’s team talk at the break was something like “OK it probably won’t happen now. Just go out, keep doing what you know, put on a show for those fans and enjoy yourselves.”

In the early stages of the second half we hordes of away fans standing behind the goal just enjoyed ourselves, singing what we wanted and looking forward to Jersey.

Fitzy’s try made things interesting – with 25 minutes left, another three tries were just about possible. We dared to believe.

Unfortunately Wasps’ defence was excellent and by the time Stringer got our second it was too late.

Perhaps finishing has let us down this year, and we have not been able to cope with Fielden’s injuries, but such thoughts are for another day.

As it is, we were by far the better team in Wycombe yesterday and almost completely dominated the second half.

500 of us Geordies put 9,500 Wasps to shame in the stands, we had a good time and we will have a good time next season in whatever league.

That we even made it this far is to the immense credit of Semore Kurdi, Gary Gold, John Wells and Mike Ford, as well as everyone else who has been revitalised since they came.

Since January the club has rediscovered its self-respect, and we fans have pride in our team again.

I for one have enjoyed my rugby in the past four months in a way I haven’t for a few years.

Whoever we play on the first day of next season, in whichever league, it is the start of a new era for Newcastle Falcons.

If Jimmy Gopperth and Dean Richards believe in our club so much to be with them in the Championship, then that’s good enough for me.

One city. One team. One love.

Newcastle Falcons


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