Match reaction: Gloucester Rugby 20-29 Newcastle Falcons

Saturday 14 April 2012 – 3.00pm

Kingsholm, Gloucester

Aviva Premiership #20


Wow! What an incredible game that was yesterday. Whatever happens now, nobody can say the Falcons have not had a bloody good go at remaining in the Premiership.


This isn’t going to be a very technical piece, because I am still nursing a heck of a hangover and because it was a day of pure emotion. The Falcons won at Kingsholm for the first time over 14 years and that, coupled with Wasps’ defeat at Harlequins, means that we could well be off the bottom of the table come 10pm on Friday!


We should be so proud of our lads. They stood up to Gloucester, completely outfought the home forwards and restricted the much-lauded Cherry and White backs to sideways passing most of the time.


Even when in the second half Gloucester went a point ahead, the only time in the game they led, the Falcons kept their heads, kept doing what was working and got their reward.


It was a day for hugs, dancing and singing until our necks snapped for the visiting fans. What a racket we made in the middle of the Shed, and those seated behind the east goal were no calmer.


Incredibly, one point when I didn’t jump up and down was when Mark Wilson scored our second try. The lineout appeared overthrown so it was head-in-hands time, and then Wilson caught the ball and raced through unchallenged, probably to his own surprise as much as anybody else’s.


It was one of those moments when you just have to hug the person nearest to you and thank the Lord that you are a Falcons fan, for them giving us moments like this!


After the game the players will not have been in any doubt what the win meant to us supporters. Especially Euan Murray and Jamie Helleur, who have probably not been hugged by that many men for quite a while! The players looked elated too, which is always brilliant to see.


Wow. I can’t believe I’ve just written all of that, just did it on automatic.


It is now time to really get behind the team on Friday night. Nobody can say that in 2012, even if the results have not always gone our way, the Falcons have not put the effort in. Now we need one final home win to set us up for the game at Wasps, which could prove momentous.


For now though, I’m knackered again after writing that. Off for an afternoon kip.


See you Friday!!



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