Anyone but Bristol!

Hedging my bets with a blue pirate!


Back in early December I found myself recalling that episode of The Simpsons when Lisa says “It’s no use kidding myself, I’m having an ethical crisis”. That had a vague rugby connection, but I won’t bore you with the details.


I have though found myself thinking this again recently as it seems ever more unlikely that our Falcons will avoid relegation from the Premiership on their own.


Now I have always said that if we finish bottom then we deserve to go down, and I still believe that. However, I like to be honest, and I must shamefully say that I find myself agreeing with the growing band of Falcons fans saying that we should support Cornish Pirates, Bedford or whoever Bristol play in the Championship final (or semi-finals indeed), as Leeds and Nottingham struggle in the playoffs.


I didn’t feel this way last season, even when at half-time in the final match it seemed we were destined for the second tier. Even a few months ago I wanted us to go down if we finished bottom, even as I desperately wanted us to finish 11th.


The irony is that back then it seemed possible that the Falcons might cease to exist if we went down, even as I thought about how great trips to Penzance and Esher would be. Yet now that the club seems more stable off the pitch, I want us to stay up by any means, fair or foul (well, wrong if not illegal).


Perhaps I was unconsciously just sick of watching the team lose. Relegation promised wins, perhaps an opportunity for a complete revamp.


But now we have had changes, Semore Kurdi has proven his commitment and Dean Richards is on his way. So we can hopefully look forward to better things if we stay up.


Relegation would hopefully only set us back one year, providing we come straight back up and I hear that the playoffs will be less of a problem by virtue of them involving only the top four rather than the top eight.


Maybe I’m afraid that we might not come back up straight away, and who knows what might happen once the parachute payment runs out. Hopefully I’m just excited about what we might do in the Premiership next year with Richards in charge, and I don’t want to wait until 2013/14!


Who knows, but it just feels wrong that at present I don’t want Bristol to win the Championship.


We could avoid all this by winning our last three games and overtaking Wasps though!



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