Match reaction: Newcastle Falcons 52-5 Cross Keys


Saturday 13 October 2012 – 3.00pm

Kingston Park, Newcastle

British & Irish Cup Pool 4 #1


The Falcons began the British & Irish Cup campaign with a win today but Dean Richards will no doubt be disappointed that we conceded a try late on having been dominant for the vast majority of the game, and hopefully unhappy with a period of aimless kicking in the second half.


Mind, at least it livened the crowd up. My co-soprano Slacker had a pair of sensitive ears strapped to his stomach in the first half and the Blaydon Races just isn’t the same without another booming voice joining in, so I was myself also subdued before the break.


The South Stand made themselves heard in the second half though when the Falcons attacked in front of us. Cross Keys’ number 22 got a fair bit of abuse, deservedly for some disgracefully unsporting behaviour opposite our trialist Warren Fury, and I think their number eight heard me shout at him as he abused the Dutch/Scottish referee following our penalty try.


“Number eight, if you don’t want to play, get off!” The amount of penalties Cross Keys were giving away had narked me a bit, as me old man would say, though he was getting what the number 22 deserved.


Other than those two, the Welsh visitors put in a stubborn display, even if they were very much outclassed for the most part. Credit to them for not kicking at goal either and going for tries.


I haven’t seen an attendance figure for yesterday, I’d reckon it was quite low as we might have expected, though it was good to see a load of kids in the West Stand.


Zach Kibirige had a good debut, although one chase down the wing wasn’t executed with the pace I expected, and he deserved his try and the one that was disallowed for him being in touch. Fury also had a decent game as he looks to get a permanent contract, or presumably one until the end of the season when Chris Pilgrim returns.


Mark Wilson was another of my players of the day, he showed his usual energy around the park, no doubt having been buoyed by his two birthday tries last week.


The only negative issue on the field I’d say was the little period in the second half when the Falcons kicked and didn’t chase the ball, unsettling the home crowd. I didn’t really understand it, we were 31-0 up against a team that, with all due respect, weren’t on the same level as us.


But we got 50 points in the end, for the third game in a row, and you shouldn’t really ask for more than that. The winning start to the season continues and any chance of a trophy has to be respected and given whatever effort we can spare. I’m pleased, though not surprised, that Richards and the management realise that winning is a habit and that treating cup competitions less than seriously does nothing to help our league programme.


I don’t think that’s always been the case in the past, and we’ve suffered for it.



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3 responses to “Match reaction: Newcastle Falcons 52-5 Cross Keys

  1. Good summary!
    I thought that all the players making their debut gave a good account of themselves – showing that they could handle the ball well and turn on the speed when needed.
    Cross Keys were not in the same class nut still showed spirit and needed to be respected – credit to them for getting a consolation try late on.

  2. Now I should start with we had a few pints before this conversation just in case this makes no sense!

    I think we are all used to winning, and who thought a falcon fan would say that! But the novelty of it is starting to wear off. I always thought we would need to manage expectation andthats where it gets tough.

    Win, yup that seems a given. But, sometimes we are just missing either that last bit of quality or spark if that makes sense ? Most of first half through the middle, then a bit of wing ball and then we had the kicking part. It was all a bit dull really.

    I am also, in the back of mind worried about the obvious and clear gulf between the leagues. How do people think our performances compare to the AP ? Would we holdour own?

    Lastly to finish on high, it was great to be in the North with the sun!

    Cheers Steve in the North

  3. Thanks Martin, it should be a good trip down there in January.

    Steve I think there is something in what you say, as I said after Moseley I am missing the tension sometimes, even though often those tense games didn’t go our way. Interestingly Richards wrote in yesterday’s programme that we fans all want and some expect big wins with lots of fast-flowing rugby, but it doesn’t always work like that and his mission is to win. Maybe we need to realise that and after all a 52-5 win is pretty good even if it wasn’t perfect.

    I think if we were in the Premiership this season we might have finished 8th-10th, as the squad still needs a bit of sorting, and Richards would be doing that in the Premiership rather than the Championship where you can (and we are) get away with a lot more mistakes. I don’t think we’d have been in a big relegation battle, but also probably not challenging for the play-offs. Yet.

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