Peter to pull the strings

The thing about the Sportnetwork site is that sometimes people put up a header that makes you think a story is different to what it actually is. Not that I’m complaining, I’ve been guilty of it in my time.


So when I saw ‘Peter Stringer moving to Newcastle’ this lunchtime I presumed the former Ireland scrum-half had bought a house up our way, or he was moving to the Waratahs and would live in the New South Wales version of Newcastle. Which has a Gateshead nearby, incidentally.


Maybe Stringer was going to retire to County Down, or it was a completely non-rugby story from The Journal.


But no, the Munster legend is leaving Saracens and joining the Falcons next week for the rest of the season. Brilliant!


I’d be surprised if any rugby fan hadn’t heard of Stringer, but if so you can read what the public has written about the Heineken Cup-winner and his 98-cap international career here.


I’m not one for watching non-Falcons rugby, bar the Six Nations and the World Cup when I’m near a TV, but I remember someone telling me about five years ago that in his opinin Stringer was the best scrum-half in the world. Certainly he tended to stand out during the Six Nations with his fast, nippy style back in the day.


Jordi Pasqualin, Chris Pilgrim and Will Chudley could have nobody better to learn from in Stringer’s two months at Kingston Park.

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