Match reaction: Newcastle Falcons 43-0 Petrarca Padova

Sunday 15 January 2012, 3.30pm

Kingston Park, Newcastle

Amlin Challenge Cup Pool 2 #5

Right now I am grateful for two things: 1) I’m sober and 2) the Falcons won.

I am trying to get to London from Newcastle and the trains from the Central don’t know if they are coming or going (pardon the pun). It’s mad down there.

Anyway, I’m on me way now, just about.

That distracts from what was going to be my opening – Paul Moriarty is probably going to forever have 100% record as Falcons [caretaker] manager after our win over Petrarca Padova this afternoon.

Our boys made hard work of the Italian champions, leading only 7-0 at half-time, but a better second half gave us a 43-0 victory that takes us nicely into the Gary Gold era.

Padova weren’t great but a win is a win, we got seven tries and kept a clean sheet, you can’t ask for more than that.

The crowd was subdued though (including myself); it was I think only the second time I’ve known the North Stand be audible from the South.

In terms of numbers, the official attendance was 2,800-odd but I doubt there were many more than 1,000 actually in KP.

Back to matters on the pitch and there were a number of good performances, particularly from Tom Catterick, James Hall, Richard Mayhew and James Fitzpatrick, Fitzy being an early replacement.

Joel Hodgson had a decent game at 10, three missed conversions notwithstanding, and Ashley Wells showed promise as a winger if Luke Fielden and Jeremy Manning are not fit for Lyon!

That would obviously be quite a blow, since Jerry has been in good form of late and Fielden remains our most dangerous finisher.

There isn’t a great deal we can read into this game since we would surely have won it even if Alan Tait had still been in charge.

But lets be positive as we go on. After the last few games we really needed that big win!

Onwards and upwards.

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2 responses to “Match reaction: Newcastle Falcons 43-0 Petrarca Padova

  1. It should have always beena win but first half just 7 up was poor. Againslowout of the blocks….
    I also am not sure about the attendance but from the north it looked empty and was strange hearing the ref, and picking out individual shouts from the crowd.

    Here is hoping jezza is ok, he just tweeted and is strapped up and there are crutches in the shot too…

    Laslty, lets forgt tjis euro mickey mouse cup and concentrate on survival

  2. Aye it’s always difficult estimating the crowd from the South as it tends to be kind-of full, compared to the rest of the ground anyway. I’d be surprised if there were more than 100 in the North. Couldn’t hear the ref mind!

    It wasn’t good to see Jerry and Luke go off but hopefully they’ll be back quickly.

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